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Fragrances for linen Clean Dream

Concentrated perfume for linen. Fragrance: Fir, Orange Blossom, Lily of the Valley and Violet. Before purchasing, read the instructions and safety information of the product in the additional photo.


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Perfume for washing machine and hand laundry. It makes all laundry smell good with a concentrated and long-lasting formula. Rediscover the pleasure of wearing garments that always smell clean. Thanks to this perfumer specially designed for all washable fabrics, by hand or in the washing machine. The formulation allows the anchoring of the perfume molecules to the fabric and therefore a lasting effect of the fragrance. Use: In the washing machine 1 or 2 caps in the last rinse (or softener compartment). By hand 1 capful in the water during the last rinse. Shake before using. During ironing, it is possible to add half a cap to the sprayer water (about 500 ml) to instantly deodorize and perfume. It works for about 30 washes.


Perfumes Clean Dream for linen 200 ml.

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