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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This Eucalyptus essential oil, 100% PURE, is made from 400/500 grams of Eucalyptus Globulus leaves. Before buying, read the instructions and the safety information of the product, in the additional photo.


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When we smell the particular scent of a flower, walk in the woods in the mountains, peel an orange, caress the leaves of a medicinal herb or use a spice in the kitchen, that scent we perceive is the essential oil contained in the plant. 100% PURE. This Eucalyptus essential oil is made from 400/500 grams of Eucalyptus Globulus leaves. Here are some usage tips recognized by the herbal literature. For indoor 5 drops diluted in the water of the radiator humidifier or in that of the electric diffuser to obtain a regenerating and positive atmosphere. 10 drops diluted in the bath hot water for a relaxing bath after a long day at work.


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