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Aromiere® Cat&Dog is a new niche, in cosmetics, entirely dedicated to our furry friends.

High quality

We have selected only certified raw materials for human cosmetics. Aromiere by La Maga is a cosmetic laboratory located in Venice since 1981. Therefore, all our products respect all the strict European cosmetic standards. With the Cat&Dog collection we have equalized the product for animal use to product for human use (animal cosmetics upgrade).

Organic Intuition

Only natural raw materials that become active substances for fur and skin care and beauty. Moringa, Propolis, Panthenol, Keratin, White Clay, Neem, Blackberry, Coffee, Mallow, Wheat Proteins, Vegetable Waters of Achillea, Witch Hazel, Calendula, Chamomile, Mallow, Melissa and Rose. Like this, for example, Mallow helps white cloaks to stay candid with a natural anti yellow effect, and Blackberry and Coffee exalt dark cloaks without dyeing agents.

Emotional olfactory memory

The dog is a “macrosmatic” animal, the most developed sense is smell. Even the dog, like us, has an olfactory memory, when smelling a particular smell an immediate emotional answer is created. We have sought for evocative fragrant solutions of pleasant moments of daily life or of their past. Therefore, perfume is no longer a socialisation forced by the human, but it becomes an act of love for our furry friends, a summoning of well-being, an experience for the heart. For dogs, Sandalwood is the fragrance we have composed with the aim of summoning wood to bite on, whereas the Green Flower perfume, given from a mix of grass clippings and wildflowers, has the goal to bring back carefree runs in the meadows in spring. For cats, Milkysweet, a symphony of milk and powdered sugar, memory of the comforting milk bowl also as puppies, and Cat Mint, that is catnip (Nepeta Cataria), to delight the cat with the plant of excellence of its multisensory pleasure (ingestion, rubbing).

Aromiere Cat&Dog Etics; Dog
From press conference Milan 30.06.2015
“From all this history and this immense passion, only a line of cosmetics thought and made with love could be born. They elevate us human beings from the condition of being able to love and do good in the widest sense, and that is also towards another living species. Because in the end, let’s remember that our friends, dogs and cats, don’t question themselves on their love for us, it’s an unconditional giving and… and lucky is who can give… because he/she owns. I wish everybody to have a lot of love, lots of friends, and to know how to give love, always and unconditionally, also through little but also big gestures, that start by everyday rituals, pampering and care. Aromiere Cat&Dog…love gestures.”

Sara Marafatto
Aromiere® Parfum Creative Designer

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