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Keeping the fur healthy is a must.

The mantle protects from the sun, the wind, from hot and from cold. The detergent products for dog and cat must be studied and formulated in a specific way, because the common detergents intended for human use could be aggressive given the different skin pH of humans and animals. It’s important to use products that don’t alter their physiological skin balance.

The importance of baths.

 Shampooing dogs and cats is important because it removes dust and dirt, renews the fur especially during the moulting period, during seasonal changes. The cat, despite its daily care through its licking, may find it hard to favour mantle’s renewal, swallowing a significant amount of hair developing intestinal disorders. For this reason, it needs to be helped through shampooing and brushing. The bath favours removal of annoying insects, purifies fur and skin and removes possible dangerous situations. If the fur gets dirty with dangerous substances like colour or paint, herbicides or insecticides, they could be swallowed.

Useful tips for Aromiere Cat&Dog bath.

“Ti lavo, ti curo, ti proteggo”

Useful tips for Aromiere Cat&Dog bath.

    • Brush the dog and the cat before wetting the mantle. In that way dead hair gets removed and the mantle is prepared to distribute the cleansing agent better even on the skin.
    • The water temperature at around 38°C, a little hotter than our normal warm, because the body temperature of cats and dogs is a little higher than humans’, it’s around 38-39°C.
    • The room must have a mild temperature, to assure warmth and comfort and prevent temperature swings.
    • Pay attention to eyes and ears, making sure water doesn’t enter the ear.
    • Rinse well and dry with a dedicated towel.
    • Be careful of noises to reassure your furry friend, talk to him peacefully during the bath, never lose your patience, shout or use noisy tools with impetuosity.
    • The traditional hairdryer should be substituted with an appropriate fan heater, sold in specialized shops, or a silent hairdryer.
    • Drying your cat or dog is very important, never leave them wet.

Brush gently and… cuddle them a lot.

Every experience lived together with sweetness and kindness is care of well-being for your furry friend and for you. Washing your friend means maintaining the hygiene of your house and of the spaces you share.

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